The instauration of the Hermitage


Mentioned in the 1133 Papal Bull, by the Archbishop Sennet of Capua, according to the tradition, the Hermitage was built by Saint Vitaliano (born in Capua in the VIII century), during his wandering in Miliarum or Maltanum, in the area of Caserta, where he had been living, doing some miracles too.

The building, dating back to the late VIII century, or even later, has been modified, so the original features have been changed. The belfry is an interesting element, with its sober style and the sense of elegance it conveys.

St. Vitaliano’s hermitage is also mentioned by some bishops of Caserta, from 1627 to 1812. In 1700, the bad conditions of the place are mentioned by Michele Monaco, in “Sanctuarium Capuanum” (1360) and by Crescenzo Esperti in “Historical and ecclesiastical records of the city of Caserta”(1775).

The instauration, started in 2001 by don Valentino Picazio, priest of San Marco Evangelista Church in Casola, has renovated the truss, typical of high Middle Age, eliminating the ornamental elements, taking it back to the essential primitive architectural lines.

Translation by Teacher Eleonora Mauriello

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